Minnetonka Pet Sitters


Since 1998, I’ve indulged my love of animals as a pet sitter with Pampered Paws, caring for cats, dogs and several unique and exotic pets along the way.  Each one is special and memorable in their own way. An important part of the job is caring for their physical needs, but the real joy is getting to know the individual personality that makes each pet so special.  Winning their trust and affection is an even bigger bonus. I look forward to meeting each new special pet needing care and companionship while the owner is away.



My name is Will. I have been a cat and dog owner for over 30 years. Bailey, our Yellow Lab, at almost 10, is not so interested in brisk walks. I enjoy exercise and interacting with other pets.






I have been an animal lover since childhood, when I would bring home all of the strays in my neighborhood to my mother’s dismay. She would see me coming with a new animal and yell: “It’s not coming in this house! Take it back!” I’ve never had trouble relating to animals of all kinds. If you treat them well with love and respect, they respond in kind. If only people could learn that lesson!




Throughout life I’ve had animals in my life. As a child I had a golden lab and a chesapeake bay retriever. We adopted a huskie when I was a teen. I’ve also had several cats. At this point in life I have a labradoodle named Edward. I understand how important pets become in people’s lives.





I love the outdoors, fresh air and dogs; companionship without the chatter and need to be other than just yourself.  The exercise is great for them and me!





Jeanne M

For 30+ years my family has enjoyed an assortment of animals that included dogs, cats, ferrets and lizards.  We loved all of them (actually I wasn’t thrilled with the lizards, but they were interesting).  We currently have 2 Siamese cats and a Bengal.
Animals are so special and bring so much to our lives.  Pampered Paws gives me the opportunity to enjoy animals other than my own, and it is rewarding knowing that their families can have peace of mind while they’re away.