Bloomington Pet Sitters


I’ve worked for Pampered Paws since 2008.  I’ve had pets my entire life and currently have two cats “Tigger Z” and “Schmoozer”.  For over 15 years, I volunteered at a shelter in the adoption and rehabilitation areas. I’ve acquired experience in administering insulin for diabetic pets and can hydrate a pet. Your dog or cat is the lifeblood of a home and are usually treated like children. It is important to know that I am trustworthy and reliable but also bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.  I’m doing what I love and I feel that my work illustrates this.


I jumped at the opportunity to be a dog walker with Pampered Paws. As a personal trainer, model, and Minnesota girl, I look forward to time away from the gym to be outside with your dogs every day of the year.  I especially love the giant breeds. I was owned by 3 Great Danes over the course of 15 years.  I also enjoy cat and exotic pet sitting.  I’m currently owned by two cats, Scully and Mulder. 


Animals have always been the major focus and enjoyment of my life.
Horses, dogs, cats, birds. No matter what, they have been my best friends.
The last 20 years I have been a horse breeder, trainer and farmer.
When needing to be away from the farm I know how important it is to have a responsible, caring person to look after my friends.
Joining Pampered Paws allows me to care for all the dogs who have become my pals.
Monica is a dedicated individual who runs a responsible and caring service for her customers, employees and most of all the animals.

Lisa M.

When I saw that Pampered Paws was looking for a dog walker in my area, I jumped at the chance to join the team. I love dogs and I love walking, so it was a perfect match. I have a German shepherd and an Australian Terrier, so I’m comfortable handling both big and small dogs. In addition, one of them has diabetes and needs insulin, so I’m also familiar with giving shots, eye drops, and various other medications.  I have been with Pampered Paws since August of 2018 and have already bonded with and earned the trust of 12 dogs. Such a dream job!