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I've worked for Pampered Paws since 2008.  I've had pets my entire life and currently have two cats "Tigger Z" and "Schmoozer".  For over 15 years, I volunteered at a shelter in the adoption and rehabilitation areas. I've acquired experience in administering insulin for diabetic pets and can hydrate a pet. Your dog or cat is the lifeblood of a home and are usually treated like children. It is important to know that I am trustworthy and reliable but also bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.  I'm doing what I love and I feel that my work illustrates this.



I have always had an incredible love for animals.  Since my first childhood dog, there has always been a furry, four legged companion by my side.  I love being a part of Pampered Paws and caring for the dogs as I would my own. I give them playtime, love, and, of course, that all-important treat at the end of each visit!

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Since an early age I have always held an interest in animals. I have cared for a variety of animals from fish to horses. I have a special attachment to cats, dogs and animals because I grew up with them and have had them my entire life.



I grew up with and have had a connection with pets for as long as I can remember. They add such joy to life and the unconditional love they give is the best kind of family member you could ask for.  I truly enjoy getting to know and play with animals and treating them with the love and respect they deserve.  I love making sure that I can help keep your pet happy and healthy while you are away!   



I grew up around animals and pets, both dogs and cats.  Pets bring joy and unconditional love to their owners.  I have taken care of my sister's dog in the past.  My pet is a cat.  Our first cat was Missy and she lived to be 20 years old.  We had adopted her from the Humane Society.  Our cat now is Jinks, she is two years old.  Jinks was a rescue cat.



As an animal lover who was looking for part time work during midday hours, I found dog walking for Pampered Paws to be a perfect fit. Not only do I get to interact with my furry, four legged friends everyday, but its a great way to stay active and in shape. Working on your own is an added bonus too!